May 10, 2010

Tragedies don't elude rural areas

As we have learned all semester, crime rates and other problems are exist in small places just as they do in larger places.  It is unfortunate that some people just break the rules.
In St Marys, Alaska, an intoxicated teenager (age 18) broke into a home and tried to sexually assault a 55 year old female resident.  
Reported in the same article was a fatal fire in St. Marys.  Officials do not believe the two events to be related.  
Approximately 5 months ago, a mother accidentally ran over her child while she was trying to pay attention to some approaching snowmachiners.  Alcohol was not seen to be a factor.
These stories represent a small fraction of the incidents that occur all over Alaska.  With and without alcohol, people make bad mistakes.
I don't think that these things can't happen elsewhere, because they do.  I do feel that they are more significant within a smaller village where everyone knows everyone.  This is part of the interactionist theory, where everyone has their own particular part to play.  When someone "forgets a line" or decides to do something that is not within their part, things break down and don't really work out so well.

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