May 4, 2010

New York City Family Moves to Rural Virginia

In a book that was published in the last year, a family of three moves away from everything that they know to live in rural America. The Ward family quit their jobs, puts all of their belongings in storage, pack up their two year old son and move from their New York City home down to a small rural town in Virginia, into a home on 40 acres that they convert into a historically accurate 1900 home. The family decides that they will leave behind everything that they know for some adventure, and an escape from their busy city lives. They have no knowledge of how to grow their own food, cook using a wood stove, how much food they will need to preserve for the winter, how to drive a horse, or anything outside of their regular New York lifestyle.
In the book "See You In A Hundred Years" Logan and Heather Ward tell about how their year long adventure worked in their lives. In the book the Wards describe what kinds of roles they each took on during that year.

Ward, Logan. See You In A Hundred Years. New York: Delta, 2009.

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