May 9, 2010

Cell Phone Colonialism

The capitalist spirit is in full swing. The goal of all should be to buy, buy, buy. We work hard to make money, then we work almost as hard to spend it. Undeveloped land lost profit for someone, and who ever can develop and make the most from the useless and idle land is ahead in the game. This can be seen in the huge shopping district that is popping up on the North East side of town where Wal Mart, Old Navy, Sports Authority, and so many others have made something profitable out of what was empty land. This same mind set can be seen in cell phone coverage. You can't see it, like a large one-stop shopping center, such as Fred Myer, but the empty space between point A and B is up for grabs in a battle that only the people who are desperately hanging on to their rural ways of life will lose. Im sure you have seen the commercials for ACS, AT&T, and Verizon where everyone boasts that they have the best coverage. My favorite are the ones where the guy pulls out his phone and a map of the united states pops up to show how much coverage he has. He is then shunned and looked down upon by his Verizon using peers. Seeing those red and blue dots that cover the entire country really bothers me, because the goal of the phone companies is to cover EVERYTHING. More coverage means more cell towers, more roads leading to cold steel monsters, and more money in the pockets of the huge companies for a commodity that isn't even needed. There will be no untouched land left, no adventure, nothing uncharted. The invasion of the cell tower is the colonialism of our time.

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