May 10, 2010

Polar Bear Patrols

Since the artic ice is losing a battle against global warming, polar bears are now having to change their direction inland to find food and space to live. With this increase in Polar Bear activity coastal villages far in the north of Alaska have developed Polar Bear patrol programs to protect villagers from the possible threat of attack. The probability of an attack taking place is high, as Polar Bears are known for their unpredicatable behavior. So it is probably a good plan that these patrols are taking place. At this point the Polar Bears are protected under law and are on the endangered species list. They can only be killed if human life is involved and at risk of being injured or killed. But Polar Bear attacks have remained a very rare occurence for Alaskans in the past. But with their hunting grounds melting away, Polar Bears may soon become a more frequent problem for Alaskan villages and residents. It may soon come to a point were some of these Polar Bears may have to be eliminated so that rural residents can remain feeling secure and safe. Conflict theory can be applied here with adherence to power and staying in control. The moment these communities begin to feel not in control, the animals may be the ones to suffer. Some serious changes are going to be taking place within the Artic habitat as ice continues to melt. Humans and animals alike are going to feel these effects and most will have to compromise with these changes. Rural communities are having to adapt to this change taking place, Polar Bear Patrols are just the beginning of a possible Polar Bear decline. Part of this decline will be a direct result of human safety, and human reasoning will be applied to help resolve the Polar Bear issue with serious consequeces for the Artic animal. But I also like to stay optimistic and scientists will hopefully find a way to make things better, and somehow find solutions for the Polar Bear population without harm.


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